“I just wanted to thank you again for being such a joy to have around at my wedding. It was so lovely to finally meet you: you really did make everything so easy for me- I’m not one for posing and don’t really like having my picture taken, but having just seen the sneak peek on your blog I must say I am so so thrilled!!!!
The pictures are so beautiful and look so natural and effortless… You are so talented! As you know I was very nervous and stressed out on the day and I find it amazing that it doesn’t show in the pictures. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Emilie and Ewan – Brisbane Australia 

Emilie and Ewan kind words-1

Christie and John kind words-1

 “We just got back yesterday and had such a lovely time looking through the photos!  They are fantastic!  Thank you so much!  The day went by so fast and was such a blur it’s great to be able to look back at all the little moments you captured.  There were so many details I put a lot of effort in to then didn’t really absorb on the day and it’s great to have photos of them too. Not only are we delighted with the finished result but you were wonderful on the day too.  You were completely invisible and looking at the pictures there was so many times we couldn’t believe what you’d captured while being so unobtrusive.  You also helped save us from wasting all afternoon on posed pictures, I was surprised how easy it would’ve been to fall in to that trap.  So basically you made a real difference to the day and I feel that, despite working to a pretty tight budget, you were one of the best planning decisions we made.” Christie and John – Glasgow, Scotland 



You are amazing! These images are gorgeous!

You captured the day exactly how we wanted and have allowed us to re-live it in all its emotional beauty!

We want to say a massive thank you for all your hard work and stealthy-ness throughout the day, seriously there are pictures in here that we swear we didn’t even notice you were there!! You honestly rock, thank you so so much again!

India and Nick, Normandy – France

India and Nick kind words-1

Lauren and Andrew kind words-1

Thank you so much for our exquisite wedding photographs. Honest, emotional and full of detail, each photo captures a special moment. On the day we barely remember photos being taken (a mix of excitement and your subtle approach), so to receive the photos on our honeymoon and get the opportunity to relive the day in slow motion has been truly amazing. So many details have sparked memories and conversations – something I hope continues each time we look at them together and with our friends and family. We love them all! Lauren and Andrew, Prestwick, Scotland


Oh my goodness!!! Speechless. (well, more like a combination of different excited noises and a lot of jumping up and down 😀 ) 

We ended up looking at them for about 3 hours…just giggling and smiling and totally smitten. They are beautiful. So strange seeing the whole day in pictures like this because on the day itself, time seemed to go super fast and we were both just high in happiness! Can’t wait to show all our family and friends too!

Thank you so so much for all these wonderful photos and being a part of our day as well as for all the reassuring talks before the wedding day itself.

We will definitely keep following your work and basically recommend you to EVERYONE.

Emma and Chris – Edinburgh, Scotland

Emma and Chris kind words-1

Lizzie and Nate kind words-1

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all our lovely photos – all our friends are falling over themselves about them!

We have had a perfect evening looking through them and can’t wait to get an album!

We both really wanted to let you know how grateful to you we are for being an amazing hands on organiser on the day as well, as a seasoned wedding pro you totally calmed my concerns about time etc., and where we should be, when etc. Can’t possibly tell you how much we loved having you be part of our wedding : ) xxx

Lizzie and Nate, Winchester, England