I’m Caro
I love meeting people
I also love to dance (especially when no one’s looking)
I love to chat
I love to laugh
I love a good old party
I love pasta (I could eat it every day)
I love a good cup of coffee
And expensive biscuits
(at least that’s what the guy in my local fruit and veg shop tells me whenever I put them in my basket)
I love my kitchen
It has a big neon sign
I love short stories (with any other books I always have to read the last page first – it’s really annoying)
I love music from the 50’s and 60’s
Pressed on beautiful vinyl
I sometimes wished I could have been around then.
My favourite drink is fizz (my favourite noise is opening a bottle)
5 o'clock is cocktail hour at my house
I love my kids
I love my cats
I love my husband – he’s hunky and Scottish
(I honestly love my husband more than the cats but it sounded better that way round)
I love wild flowers
I love vivid colours
I love old buildings (I live in one)
I love trees and mountains and cloudy skies
I love stripy tops and skinny jeans
And the right kind of boots (they’re hard to find those)
I love walking
And picnics in the park
And beaches and the sea
I love people in love
I love photographing them

PS: If you love any of the above then I think we’d get on just fine